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Timera L. Bell is a pastor, motivational speaker, author, business owner, business and empowerment coach. Timera Bell is married to Apostle DeMario J. Bell Sr., and is the mother of two amazing princes, Demario J. Bell Jr. and Christian J. Bell.  Timera Bell also known as Coach T and Prophetess T, was born in the beautiful state of Georgia.  In 2012, Timera received her Bachelor’s in Business Management and in 2015 she received her Master’s in Leadership Entrepreneurship. She has the drive and momentum that most people strive for, and she is not afraid of taking chances in life when it comes to fulfilling her visions and aspirations, and what God has called and chosen her to do. As a Business Coach and Pastor, Timera focuses on helping people experience what they have written. 


Timera Bell provides people with revelation, confirmation, and transformation in their life and business.  She has a variety of different coaching programs that can benefit people from different angles.  One of her coaching programs, “GAME TIME” provides accountability, clarity, structure, systems, and transformation for winning in purpose and business. She is considered a Faith Injector, and a strategist for receiving greater. She consistently teaches the power and importance of staying disciplined, consistent, and focused.


In ministry, Timera is considered a Faith-based Preacher, and does amazing teachings on messages such as, “I Survived it”, “Don’t Come for Me”, “Gigantic Faith”, and “Quadruple Favor”. Due to the pandemic, pastor and coach Timera Bell is determined to reach the masses to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, transform self- employed individuals into business owners, and transform dream chasers into dream achievers. 


She is currently the author of “Timera Washington Behind Closed Doors” which she released in 2015.  She is currently working on two new books that she is excited about revealing to the rest of the world.  She is the Senior Pastor of Increase Global Center, Inc., and the owner of several businesses in the state of Georgia. She comes to make a difference, and a difference is what she makes.  Timera coaches and preaches to lead you to a win and a championship in your life and in your business.

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